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Jewelry Repair Service in Belmont MA

Get Your Favourite Piece Of Jewelry Repaired Today!

Are any of your favorite jewelry items broken or damaged? Avoid letting them gather dust on your vanity or locker! We offer professional jewelry repair services in Belmont, MA that can bring back its original luster. We provide a variety of repair services, including stone replacement, resizing, and prong re-tipping.

We at Belmont Jewelry Place,  treat your luxury products with the highest care and consideration because we are aware of the value that you hold on your jewelry. Your repaired jewelry will appear just as good as new thanks to the advanced techniques and quality materials used by our team of experienced jewelers.

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Restore Your Precious Pieces

To get started with our jewelry repair services in Belmont, simply contact our customer service desk. From determining the extent of the damage to providing an estimate for repairs, our professionals will walk you through the entire procedure. Every step of the way, we’ll keep you updated and address any questions you might have.

We can serve you whether you need to fix an engagement ring, wedding band, necklaces or family treasure. In addition, we can repair your luxury watches or you can sell it to us. We offer instant cash for gold and other jewelry at our store.  In order for you to once again enjoy your prized possessions, we provide quick and reasonably priced repair services. Don’t throw away your broken or outdated jewelry. Call us right away, and we’ll bring them back to their former beauty!

Jewelry repair services

What We Do?

jewelry cleaning in belmont ma

Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing

Bring your old jewelry to our store and bring that back in a new condition with our jewelry cleaning service in Belmont ma.

Necklace repair belmont ma

Necklace Repair and Polishing

If you have a broken necklace in your home, bring it to the most trusted necklace repair service in Belmont, MA to give it new life.

clasp repair and replacement in belmont ma

Clasp Repair and Replacement

Our jewelry store in Belmont offers clasp repair and replacement on necklaces, anklets or bracelets.

pearl restring in belmont ma

Pearl or Bead Restringing Service

Our specialized staff can restring or refill the beads on your bracelet or anklet to give it longer lasting strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of jewelry repairs do you offer in Belmont?

At Belmont, we provide a broad range of jewelry repair services, such as chain repair, stone replacement, prong re-tipping, clasp replacement, and ring size. Whatever your repair requirements, our knowledgeable and experienced jewelers can help bring your prized possessions back to their former glory.

How long does jewelry repair take at your Belmont location?

Depending on the difficulty of the repair and the accessibility of any required materials, the turnaround time for jewelry repair varies. However, we make an effort to finish the majority of repairs in three to six days. Please inform us if you have a particular deadline, and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Do you offer free estimates for jewelry repair in Belmont?

All Belmont jewelry repair services come with free estimates. Bring your item into our store, and one of our skilled jewelers will assess the necessary repairs and give you a precise estimate of the cost and turnaround time.

Do you work with all types of jewelry in Belmont?

At Belmont, we deal with all kinds of jewelry, including pieces made of gold, silver, platinum, and other materials. No matter how complex or delicate the repair, our jewelers have the expertise to perform it.

How much does jewelry repair cost in Belmont?

The price of Belmont jewelry repair varies according to the type and extent of the work required. We always give a thorough estimate before starting any job, and our pricing are reasonable and open. You may be sure that we never skimp on quality and always work to give our customers the best value for their money.

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